Here at Prestige Auto Repairs we pride ourselves on our core values, one of which is to “Repair and NOT replace’’. Many of the todays modern vehicle engines are prone to internal failings, failings such as timing chains, camshafts and crankshafts is not unheard of. We have invested a lot in equipment to carry out such repairs be it a 3 cylinder VW engine up to a 10 cylinder BMW M-Power engine.

Latest generation of manual and automatic transmissions do not go without fault either, mechanical and electronic failings frequently occur. With our wide range of contacts we can source the appropriate components to repair your failed units at are more economical cost.

Did you know we are also one of the only independent Garages in the Northwest to have LUK accreditation to carry out clutch repairs on VAG DSG DQ200 transmissions.

Did you also know that we are an approved repairer for most of the leading warranty companies, AA, RAC, TWG, Warranty Wise, Warranty Direct, Auto Protect, Auto Guard, to name just a few.

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